Saturday, December 17, 2011

Morning Motherhood: A lose-lose proposition

Early one morning....

Molly, in gravelly sleepy voice:  "Mom, where's Daddy? Daddy? I waaaaant Daddy."

Mom:  "Daddy's at work, Molly. I'm sorry. (brightly) But I'm here! We can go watch Curious George together!"

Molly, crying:  "I want Daddy. I want Daddy. I only want Daddy. I want to go downstay-uhs. I waaaant pop. Where is Daddy?"

A few minutes later, snuggled in front of Curious George...

Molly, mournfully:  "I already watched this one. I don't waaaant this one. I already watched this one. I want toast with cinnamon and shu-guh."

Mom:  "Aw, Molly, do you miss your Daddy right now?"

Molly, snorting disdainfully and looking at me like I'm slow:  "No."

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Whimsy-ma-blog said...

I read this when you posted it on my phone, and it's made me giggle several times since.