Thursday, January 5, 2012

Celebration comes to town

Sukie massively enjoyed the trifecta of Christmas babyhood: readily available Hershey's kisses (wrappers included if desired), newly acquired walking skills, and benign parental neglect.
 Me stuffing my face with what I hope is a big mouthful of roasted beets and brussel sprouts, but what I suspect to be a very large buttered crescent roll.
 Sylvie, Molly and Frankie taking a bow after a wonderful Christmas program that included expressive reading on Frankie's part, interpretive dance on Molly's part, and a memorized portion delivered perfectly by Sylvie in a hot, red-cheeked and gasping manner.
The odds of getting five children aged six and under to smile at the same time are about the odds that I will get a good night's sleep. Pretty much zero.
 Playing checkers beneath Oma's Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
Frankie bought all the children presents from the dollar store with her own money. Sukie opened her book about puppies and received it with great delight. The giver, however, was nearly overcome with gladness.
 Opening stockings after spending Christmas Eve at church.
 Raising her hands high for the joyous occasion of Christ's birth. Actually, probably more for the York Peppermint Patties at this moment, but she knew what we were really celebrating.
My sister caught red-handed stuffing one appetizer in after another.
 Sometimes, when your child least expects it, you just have to snatch them and squeeze them until they scream. That's just your prerogative as a mother.
 My deliciously blond-feathered nephew, Jude, examining, probably with fear and consternation, a monster pen in his stocking.
 Sukie learned to walk during the Christmas week and celebrated at every turn by stiffly lurching on peg legs holding living room pillows.
Opening presents on Christmas Day, the matriarch and patriarch reign from their sofa perch.
My hard-working husband, probably reclining in his chair complaining of being physically uncomfortable from the amount of turkey he consumed, as is his wont after holiday meals.
 Matt and Jude rejoice over a present less threatening to Jude's tender sensibilities.
 Aunt Saskia takes the lead in the race for Jude's affections (take THAT, Rebecca and Heather), by getting him this awesome Hot Wheels track that attaches to the wall. He never left this corner for the remainder of the visit.
 Cheering for both the Packers and the freedom to have a giant bag of Doritos all to themselves.


hmell75 said...

Beautiful! It looks like you all had a wonderful celebration and I'm so happy you were all able to be together! And I love that you're all covered in babies. :)
And even stuffing your faces you and Molly are as lovely as ever. ;)

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Your pictures are great! Mine are a nice combination of dark and blurry. Congrats to Suki for learning to walk! She rocks. And the last picture of all the kids is adorable!

I am now craving a crescent roll.

Molly said...

I love these pictures. Such a good time. They are all knuckleheads, every last one.

Crystal said...

Love all those great photos! Thanks for sharing how you celebrated :) I feel less guilty now about screaming when we got peppermint patties in a Christmas package. The things that thrill us at Christmas, huh?

rhenry said...

You had me gushing with happiness and love for the Doctor-Kendziera-Henry clan and their delightful Christmas celebration until you unjustly claimed the lead as best aunt. I'll be calling to remind Jude daily that it was you who gave him that scary monster pen. (I don't plan to check my facts, I'm just assuming he'll believe me).

As for Molly and the appetizers, that's what Body Pump's for.