Friday, December 9, 2011

Right now

Right husband has taken the big girls to cut down a Christmas tree. Just saying "the big girls" makes me realize that I have enough children to divide them into groups. When you can divide your kids into categories, you are in the motherhood big leagues.

Right now...I hear Susannah waking up from her nap. She will be hungry. She is always hungry. Her Opa calls her "bulky." I am hoping that years from now, when she reads this blog she will not be emotionally scarred by having been called bulky. Although, bulky is akin to being called Prim and Proper Saskia Doctor, which bothered me greatly at the time, but I find quite fantastic now.

Right now...the sun is shining and the first dusting of Michigan snow has melted.

Right now...the tub needs to be cleaned from this morning's bath, which found Molly playing intense imaginative games with Strawberry Shortcake and a plastic dolphin ("No, NO, NO! OH, STRAWBERRY! I don't want you to die! If you die I will never see you again! OH, NOOOOOOOOO! AAAH, you are falling to the lions! STRAWBERRRRRRY!") and Frankie trying to read a Junie B. Jones book without getting the pages wet. She is her mother's daughter, for good and for ill.

Right now...I'm going to go hug my bulky baby.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Yay for bulky babies! And for bigger kids who we'll still be able to pick up and hug until their 20.

Molly said...

Bulky is indeed what she is-- irregularly fat and lumpy. I sympathize with lil' Molly, who was no doubt clamoring for her stone-faced, absorbed-in-reading-material sister's attention. Story of my childhood.