Monday, August 9, 2010

I've got so many things to post, but we got a new video camera and I can only document with one form of technology at a time, thank you very much.

This summer has been hot and humid and difficult and fun and eventful.

Most pressing is the need to decide on a girl's name. I think we have one, but then I keep running in to other names I love. I knew Frankie and Molly's names as soon as we knew their gender, although we didn't intend to call Molly by her first name now that I think about it. Somehow we ended up with the Southern-ish Molly Jo. She was supposed to be plain Jo.

I need suggestions.

Frankie wants Rose.

Molly wants Sally (or Sawwy- as she pronounces it).

Dean vetoed Cecilia.

My mother tried Maatje.

This is probably my last baby. The pressure is on.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

In our county there's a man running for Presiding Commissioner namee Harley Harrelson. Nice, huh? So I'm thinking Kenzie Kenziera. Or Sarah Kenziera.

radrev said...

I like cecilia and call her Cele Kendziera. Frankie, Molly, and Cele....I Love these together

Or what about Cecilee??? I went to college with a smart, beautiful, and God-loving girl named Cecilee.

Dean, Saskia, Frankie, Molly, and Cecilee

Otherwise, my vote is for Sarah Noelle. ;)

dr said...

How exciting, Saskia. Naming is such a fun but weighty job. When are you due?
I love your options! Elaina was actually and unofficially named "Cecilia" for the first several hours of her life. After changing our minds, we utterly confused Mira, who called her baby sister "Cecilia" (as much as a two year old can pronounce that) for the first couple weeks.
Enjoy - so excited for you.

Crystal said...

Dutch- Alida or just go with the classic, Van : )

Polish- Anna or you could consider, Hortensia.

German- Elsie or maybe go with another classic Gretel!

Here is a list of my favorites while perusing the thousands of baby name websites.

Adelaide, Noel(I almost named Hope this)Cora, Maisie, Annabel, Agnes, Lydia, Lily, Julia and I could go on and on : ) Lastly please consider the ever popular CRYSTAL which means Brilliantly Clear. Miss you and see you soon~

Teresa said...

Crystal, I love "Lydia." Lydia Rose? I know it's a pain in a way, but the search for the right name is so fun, too!