Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The perfect is the enemy of the good

Here's how my thought process goes:

I can't make the bed because the sheets really need to be washed but there's a load in the dryer that needs to be folded first which I can't put away because there is already a basket in my room that needs to be done.

I can't make dinner yet because there are leftover corn cobs to be boiled with old carrots and a chopped onion to make homemade corn stock for the homemade corn chowder that I can't bring myself to eat when I make it because I'd rather have pizza instead.

I can't write that quote down in Molly's baby book because I stopped writing in it in July 2009 and I can't remember what else happened in the last twelve months which I need to catch up on before I write the other thing down.

I can't weed that square in the garden because then I'll get to the basil that needs to be harvested and made into basil dressing which I can't do because I'm out of apple cider vinegar and the girls need a bath before they go to Meijers.


susanswenton said...

Throw that nasty corn stock out. It's a burden. Write down something in Molly's baby book. She will appreciate it later. Just weed the square and ask your mother for the apple cider vinegar. And the laundry? dump the clean stuff in the corner and pull out the stuff you need so you can make your bed. Give yourself a break. It's all going to burn in the long run.

Sarah said...

More understood words have never been spoken.

Whimsy-ma-blog said...

That made me laugh. Those are the reasons that the garden I inherited in our new home is a jungle of weeds, I have to go rummage throuh the clean laundry every morning lately to find people clean underwear and why neither of my kids have baby books. And the corn stock? I'd sadly never have saved the cobs. Would have probably told the responsible, domestic side of myself to shut up as the lazy side tossed them in the trash.

I'd say you've clearly ruled out any work and you should go sit somewhere quiet with a book. Like a beach in Mexico.

hmell75 said...

I'm glad that my brain isn't the only one that works like this... :)

leedekam said...

I totally get it.

Crystal said...

My brain thinks in a similar pattern, but I agree with Susan! Let it all go and just do a GOOD job, perfection is unattainable. Also, forget about the corn stock!! : )