Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Frankie finds her camera

Self portrait.

Left to right: Frankie's bike- sans training wheels you'll notice, Molly's bike- pedal falls off about once per bike riding session, but she fixes it herself, friend Jake's bike- Frankie borrowed when we realized that without training wheels she couldn't put her feet down and so would have to hurl herself onto the grass to get off.

Posed portrait #1- Chester the bear and Shamu.



People, that's a SIX months pregnant belly. And a SIX months double chin. You can bet you won't be seeing a NINE months pregnant belly.

Notice the small flying creature in the background, caught in the furniture-jumping act.

Self-portrait #2, serious version.

My mom's neighbor gave the girls each a nameless Gumby-like flexible man that I was sure would be discarded the instant we got home. Instead "the Guys" are a favorite toy. Here Molly cradles them with the beatific expression of a new mother. Notice, underpants! Only a diaper at night.

"The Guys," posed in embrace.

Tracey, Jay-Jay the Jet Plane's cohort.

JoJo doing a puzzle.

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