Saturday, February 6, 2010

How to pass an hour:

1) First, apply purple glitter eyeshadow.
2) Fill bath with tepid water.
3) Add bowls of Cookies and Cream ice cream (as a side note, please tell me if there is a mother on earth who does not own these IKEA bowls...)
4) Distribute four bottles of roll-on body soap.
5) Keep half an eye out for drowning, but mainly sit and read a magazine by the side of the tub.


bananapeelblog said...

sounds like a blast!

This mother does not own any of those Ikea bowls, but I know plenty of people who do! =)

Chad and Carrie said...

Hey, we are in Orlando right now. Where are you going to stay? Are you doing Disney? How long will you be here? E-mail me!!!
Love, love, love your blog, reading it always makes me smile. Yes, I do own those Ikea bowl.

Crystal said...

We love bathtime to kill time. Please also try glow braclets with the lights off. The girls can look around for them as they fall in the bath. During this time put the magazine down and watch a bit closer for any signs of drowning.

We also love popsicles in the bath : )Let's be real anything real messy usually happens in tha bath for ease of cleanup!

Sarah Bishop said...

how did i miss these IKEA bowls????? i've never even seen them.

thanks for the heads-up. i must order them soon.

hmell75 said...

I need to get some of that soap. :) Our little fish loves the water, and I hadn't thought of using bath time as a stalling tactic. Nice...
And Sarah, we were at IKEA this weekend - I could've grabbed some bowls for you. :) They really are the perfect size for everything.
Any suggestions on big girl beds? Toddler-sized and then twin, or jump right to twin? :)