Sunday, February 21, 2010

While the cat's away, the mouse will hack into her blog...

This is Saskia's sister, Molly, taking over the blogging helm with an uninvited guest post. Saskia was in Florida for 10 days (no doubt she will soon regale you with tales of 35 degree weather, trips to the ER, and other such tropical vacation delights), with no access to the internet. She returned home from such a luxurious getaway only to get up the next morning at 3 a.m. and head off to a weekend-long Bible Study Fellowship retreat. Last I checked, Dean and the girls were engaged in their typical mom's-away activities: pizza + pop + animated movies on the parental bed.

I would hate to have her readership flail in these long & dark days without a fresh post. Thus some sister pictures that I found this week on an old CD. Would that I had electronic versions of our later bespectacled & permed years.

Saskia (circa age 4) with her little leprechaun, er, sister. I wonder who got the short end of the outfit stick.

I'm not sure Saskia's suspenders really needed to have hiked the shorts up that far.

Saskia's forlorn look says that I am likely tagging along while she tries in vain to taste sweet freedom from her little sister. Whatever Saskia did, I did. Although now that I think about it, this mostly worked to her advantage, like when we would play school and she got to be the teacher, lounging at her desk reading a Nancy Drew, while I dutifully did math problems and practiced penmanship.

More big-wheel fun. I think I see where new-and-improved Molly gets her shoulder-scrunching camera pose.

I sure loved my sister (still do). Notice the strange culinary combination of salad & ice cream.

We must be in a hotel room, because Saskia & I have almost no memories of watching TV when we were younger. We were occasionally allowed to stay up and join my parents for a show that they deemed educational or culturally edifying, although one has to question whether the scene where King Lear's eyes are gouged out by his daughter is, in fact, all that instructive for the 8-and-under set.

A rare photogenic moment, at least where our feathery locks are concerned.


SDK said...

I'm back now, Molly, and I would threaten, since you hijacked my blog, to post unflattering pictures of you, but I see you took it upon yourself to do that already. Holy Mother of Abraham Lincoln, what would you have done if you had given birth to the baby in that first picture?

SDK said...

Although, I will grant that you improved with age and hair and became rather delectable around the stage where you look like JoJo. I especially like your meaty thighs in your tightly elasticized sunsuit.

susanswenton said...

Boy, I had you girls in some doozy outfits. I think they were hang-around-the house kind though. I thought the pictures of you were pretty flattering, Saskia. I also fell short on protecting your eyes. Molly is squinting an awful lot in these pics. Keep taking your lutein, girls.

susanswenton said...

may I just say you were the cutest kids ever.

Crystal said...

Molly, that was great!!! Thanks for hacking into the blog. The photos of you both so young was a real treat. You need to start your own blog, Molly. I will be a "follower", I promise!