Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frankie's first day of school

The night before school started, I asked Frankie what she wanted for a special back to school meal. Her reply was: "Um, rolls. And broccoli, because I should have some broccoli. And mushrooms and onions. With, um, some sausage and maybe rolls sprinkled on top?".
Dean provided his usual specialty- very calming and relaxing pre-bedtime activities designed to wind the children down.
Here is the big kindergartener on the front porch in the morning. This picture reminds me of when we were playing "Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down" in the bathtub and Molly said very enthusiastically "Diarrhea- THUMBS UP! Poop- THUMBS DOWN!." Personally, I tend to feel the opposite.
Here she is in her new back to school outfit that Oma bought for her. Oma and Opa also pulled in the driveway right about now, unable to keep away from seeing her go off for her first day. Frankie basically has four parents that are heavily involved in her happiness and welfare. I am routinely called "Oma, I mean, Mommy".
Look at that face. Just look at that almost-five-year-old-going-to-kindergarten-away-from-her-Mommy face. That beautiful little face takes my breath away. That God would be so incredibly kind, so gracious to give her to me, boggles my mind.
To Dean's great relief, the teacher wrote her name as "Frankie" and not "Frances". He was really, really troubled by that possibility.
As we walked away, I turned to Dean and said, "That wasn't so bad." And then promptly burst into tears.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Frankie, you look like such a big girl in your school pictures. And I think you are such a beautiful girl! I hope you have a wonderful time in school. Don't forget to tell your mom each day what you have learned. Your mom went to school a VERY long time ago and has probably forgotten most of it.

love "Auntie" Janice

Molly said...

Oh my goodness, that is beyond adorable. Wish I could have been there. Has she allowed herself the chocolate milk yet?

rhenry said...

Oh, first day of kindergarten! It tugs at my heart and I don't even have kids yet. Frankie appears to be a teachers dream. I'll be her 2nd grade teacher if you don't mind commuting in a couple of years.