Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer fun

The story of my life: Molly doesn't want to do something, but Frankie, by golly, she's going to make her do it.

This is my favorite picture of the summer: Dean and my Aunt Jackie boxing each other on the Wii. Look at those intense expressions of violent rage.

This is a very typical picture of Molly. I cannot get that child to look up at the camera unless I yell "Suckers! Get your suckers here!" and then, when she looks up anticipating a sucker, I yell "HA! Sucker!."

Again, a typical picture of Molly. On her way to another injury. If there is a way to be injured on something, Molly will find it.

The boxes from our patio furniture have been the hit of the summer. This is Elliott and Frankie's secret club and, no Molly, you can't come in.

I'll say this for Frankie: she never lacks in enthusiasm.

At least there were pillows here this time.

Every pillow in the house is dragged out. It was a perfectly beautiful day outside.

I like to start my children early on their domestic chores. While wearing pristine white dresses. Because my house is just that clean.

Frankie working on her "artwork." This was entitled: "A rainbow and a happy tree."

I really need to work on teaching Molly which finger is the pointer finger.

Frankie is all business about her cooking. She made a pound cake and was hugely proud of herself.

My Aunt Jackie and my mother, laughing, no doubt about some Dutch joke that involved scatological humor.

JoJo is still recuperating from the time we tried so cruelly to get her to put her toes in Lake Michigan.

She's wearing her tired mouth! I love my children's tired mouths.

Could he look any more besotted? Only if he were looking at me.

Once again, Molly's finger usage is completely inappropriate.

Plus I let them use colorful markers in their pristine white dresses. Because I am just that good at stain removal.


Pam said...

They are so cute. I was thinking that if I had named my blog like yours, it would have been Nine Xs and Y.

Crystal said...

Your family is just beautiful and so fun to be with! I can't believe that soon I will just be watching via your blog and skype from afar. Sometimes life is just cruddy, I am going to miss you all so much~
Ps My name in Chromosomes is 12 Xs and 3 Ys : )