Friday, June 5, 2009

The power of the unspoken word

I just think that a person should not have opinions if they aren't able to talk yet. If you can't tell me what you want, IN ENGLISH, you shouldn't have an opinion about whether you have an orange popsicle or a red popsicle.

Somehow Molly manages to not only have a strong opinion on such subjects as the color of the popsicle I hand her and the number of utensils to be used in a single meal, but she also manages to convey her opinions without the use of a single spoken word. A variety of communication methods are employed: tossing oneself to the floor in abject rage, pointing and vocalizing "eh-huh" in increasing intensity, snatching things and throwing them on the floor, slapping you in the face, etc. All in all, I must say, her point does get across. I try to hold out and tell her to say the word, but she steadfastly refuses and, lets face it, when you are holding her and she is plunging her tiny fist down the front of your shirt, pulling at your collar, pinching you in the neck and then rearing back to roar in frustration, it is pretty clear even without hearing her say "milk."

"EH-HUH, EH-HUH, EH-HUH," is the soundtrack of my life. "EH-HUH": "I want to touch that picture and pretend to smell the flowers." "EH-HUH": "Ride on the Power Wheel Harley with me and let all the neighbors see you looking like a Shriner." "EH-HUH": "Spread this blanket in the crib and then give me two more to hold in each hand." "AAAAAAAAARGGGGH" (face slap): "How dare you change me out of my own filth?."

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