Friday, April 17, 2009

The face of an angel. The will of a tiger.

Molly is suffering from Second Child Syndrome. Her current vocabulary consists of the word EH-huh, done in a variety of inflections to signify different meanings. EH-huh means "I WANT that," while eh-HUH means "Yes, that is correct," and EH-HUH EH-HUH EH-HUH EH-HUH means "Give me some of your Diet Mountain Dew and I mean NOW." In contrast, Frankie at Molly's age was writing an exegesis of Leviticus 20.

This is not to say that Molly is dumb. She understands everything that is said and knows how to open plastic Easter eggs and palm handfuls of jelly beans to eat behind the couch.

Yesterday she made it quite clear that she wanted to wear the above-pictured hat and her pink crocs but she did NOT want to go to bed. We're savvy and picked up on her preference not to sleep by the number of board books we heard hit the floor in anger and the fact that she spent her time on the video monitor thrashing around and pulling off her crib sheet while unzipping her sleeper down to her belly button like a tiny angry Elvis.



Crystal said...

You crack me up!! I read your post to Kelly and we both laughed out loud. Molly and Hope have definitely speak the babybonics. Have a great weekend~

susanswenton said...

I can verify the accuracy of your summation.