Friday, March 6, 2009

Because Molly had any idea what she was talking about

Frankie, bursting into Molly's room with her doll that giggles:

"MOM! I think the battery's going a little bit DEAD! I think it IS. It's DEAD! Oh, no, no, sweet-honey-heart Molly Jo, I am not dying, the battery is dying. I am not dying. The battery is dead. Don't you worry. Don't you worry."


Teresa said...

Your daughter is brilliant with words. I love reading about her interaction with her little sister!! (And I hope you're feeling better.)

SDK said...

I am on the mend, thank you. I love when she calls Molly "sweet-honey-heart." It cracks me up. And when she asks her to repeat words, like this morning: "Can you say DEAD, Molly?"

Crystal said...

You are so funny!!! I think you need to write a book : ) Yes, you will wear a hat at "Bodacious Babes"!! O.K., if you don't want to I won't make you : )