Sunday, February 15, 2009

Luckily my love for her is big enough for both of us

For those of you (Mom) who insist, despite Frankie's guileless proclamations to the contrary, that she couldn't possibly actually love her father more than her mother, I must refer you to the drawing above. I discovered it on the counter when I got up on Saturday morning and asked her who the people were, knowing deep in my heart that the giant person dominating the picture, with a head the size of the sun around which all planets revolve, was her father and I, well, I was the tiny little scribble in the corner. I think you will see that Daddy is approximately fifty-four times bigger than Mommy, who is tacked on lacking any facial features, clearly a guilty after thought, like CRAP I forgot what's-her-name, better try to cram her in here on the side of my glorious Daddy, who gets eyebrows and what appear to be ears not well positioned as to actually touch His Majesty's head. In contrast, my whole head isn't even in the picture.

Frankie, I gave up Diet Mountain Dew for you when I was pregnant. I suckled you at the breast until you were practically taking college entrance exams. I allow you to wear your Thomas the Tank Engine sleeper every SINGLE DAY and don't even say a word when you change into it in the middle of a play date. At the very least, don't I deserve some eyebrows?

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Molly said...

the whole thing is a little disturbing, to be honest. the arms coming out of the heads. dean's ears floating ominously nearby. frankie's hair appearing thick and luxurious, etc.