Sunday, February 15, 2009

All right, who can blame the kid for loving Daddy best

After Dean's trip to Tennessee, he returned with a $5.50 Godiva chocolate heart sucker and a glittery shirt from the Country Music Hall of Fame in her favorite color, blue. I would have given her a high five.

Here Frankie is busy blissfully enjoying the largesse of her favorite parent while Dean gazes at her with such adoration it is almost palpable.

And here Dean is about to have a severe heart attack because the amount of love swelling his poor almost-forty-one-year-old cardiac system is entirely overwhelming. Look at the beatific smile.


Crystal said...

So sweet, Daddy's are so much fun and our's is the favorite in our house as well. We need to start a support group. We could name it, Mom's needed but not as much fun as DADDY~

Molly said...

oh brother. nice pin curls, by the way.