Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An evening in the tub with Mollsie Dollsie

Feeling cocky. Standing one-handed in the tub, blowing spit into a cup.

Still feeling sure of herself. Giving the camera a little attitude.

The good times come to a sputtering, aspirating finale.


Molly said...

sad times. that first picture makes her look like a big beef head. clearly jude is not the only one among us with bison-like qualities. she sure is adorable and sweet. I'm enjoying picturing the bucking and thrashing when the pajamas went on...

Crystal said...

She is a doll!!!! I bet she and Hope went to the same school for baby terrorism. She can easily squirm away from any diaper or clothes change. Hope also likes to stand in the tub. I think she does it just to make Mommy nervous!!! Have a great day!!!!