Monday, January 19, 2009

Decision made

Good fortune was mine today. Both kids were asleep when I got up, so that meant some highly prized alone time nursing a Diet Mountain Dew under my down comforter with book in hand. Add one delightful playdate, some nachos for lunch, two children napping at the same time, and a husband home at 5 p.m., and you have the recipe for one very happy camper. Only Molly has declined to participate in the Give Mommy a Good Day for Once Campaign and is currently screaming her slightly curly head off protesting bedtime.
This afternoon I decided to try my hand at what a home school experience might be like. First, I warmed her up with Music 101, in the form of me playing hymns on the piano. Frankie just blithely continued to follow the directions of CHEF TONY! as he shouted them from her play kitchen. Next it was time to buckle down and practice writing her letters. She began to wildly scratch out attempts at letters so I tried to teach her more control by practicing drawing straight vertical lines carefully. Instead, she whipped out about seventeen of them in approximately three nanoseconds and chucked the pencil across the room. I decided not to push it and moved on to stimulating her creative juices with markers and paper. I encouraged her to draw pictures for her dad and her Oma and Opa and watched as she devoted all of thirty seconds to drawing several egg-shaped objects with ears and limbs sprouting from their chins. So, all in all, I think home school lasted about four minutes total, and part of that time was devoted to pretending to season a plastic chicken. I think I will look into preschool.


Molly said...

don't let her smell the educational intent.

Crystal said...

You are so funny!!!!! You are an amazing Mom, I am so impressed by your tireless devotion to your sweet girls!!! I will pray God leads you as try to discern his will for pre-school/homeschool : )