Sunday, November 2, 2008

My two cents

Since I had no book last night, I was reading a magazine I swiped from my mom's house. It's a typical women's magazine, long on makeup tips, short on substance. But I was really struck by a page of quotes from women about age. Reading them, I truly felt my "alien" status as a Christian. Take for instance, the following quote, “Being able to appreciate who we are and having a sense of self-acceptance is where we all become authentic beings and the people who we are supposed to be." It is anathema to believe, as I do, that your life is not your own. It is only our status as God's creations and objects of His mercy that we are "authentic beings." We should be far from appreciating who we are; we should be recognizing our utter sinfulness and need of God's grace. I was bought with a price- the blood of Jesus Christ- and my life is His. The very fact that my heart continues to beat is at His discretion.
It is inconceivable to most people that God calls us to die to self. To stop concerning ourselves with what we have a right to and start concerning ourselves with obedience to God. We see this all too clearly in the upcoming election. In my opinion, neither candidate has it right. Obama thinks our bodies are ours. McCain thinks our money is ours. Jesus, who had every right to worship, glory, honor, gave up everything He was entitled to and allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross. Nothing is ours if we are followers of Christ. It's all His.

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susanswenton said...

Yes, what you say is true.