Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frances Paulina Kendziera, Age 3

To Frankie, on the occasion of your third birthday:

Since the moment I knew of your existence, I loved you. Though I tried to protect my heart, still grieving the loss of my first baby, I loved you more and more through nine scared months. When you were born, I cried in relief and wonder and terror, a turtle turned on its back, white belly exposed and vulnerable.

I spent my first few days with you inhaling the scent of your milky newborn breath and marveling that I, frail sinner that I am, was entrusted with the task of mothering you. I have watched you grow from a fretful, sleepless infant to a sunny, mischievous toddler to a curious, complicated little girl. I am so proud and grateful to be your mom. I hope you know that whatever mistakes I make, whatever ways I misstep in loving you, that you are my beloved and treasured little daughter.
I have so many dreams for you. But my most fervent hope is this: that you will be His. I don't want you to be rich, or beautiful, or even happy (though that would be nice), most of all I want you to know Jesus Christ as your Savior and follow hard after Him.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, Frankie Pau.
No one loves you like your mom.


Molly said...

could you stop with the tearjerkers? i prefer the posts that contain pictures of frosting.

susanswenton said...

ignore the shallow musings of some readers. Pray,continue your narration.

Crystal said...

How sweet is that!!! I am crying!!!! You are such a great Mom, what blessing to your daughters : )