Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Does your baby like mung beans?

My friend Catee sent me a book called "Super Baby Food" when Molly was born. Basically it is a five-hundred page treatise on making homemade baby food designed to ratchet up the mom guilt to nearly unsustainable levels. And she accompanied it with a note about how much she loved the book and HAD NEVER BOUGHT A JAR OF BABY FOOD YET. Plus she works full-time. Who else will join me in stabbing her between the eyes?
It actually is a really interesting book and while I did a little bit of this for Frankie, I have been inspired to start making all of Molly's food myself. I am starting slowly- basic things like organic nectarines and peaches and squash. I'll have to work up to the tofu, brewer's yeast, bean flour, turnips and soy grits. And I am totally skipping the step about introducing my nine-month-old to finely chopped raw parsley and dessicated liver.
I felt extremely virtuous cooking my organic peas and lovingly pureeing them in the Cuisinart. They looked so bright and fresh and tasty, I was almost convinced I liked peas myself. I couldn't wait to let Molly sample them, sure she would grunt for bite after bite since they were flavored with so much maternal love and devotion. I prepared myself for the possibility that she might grimace like Frankie often did when introduced to a new food, but felt confident that after a few tastes she'd be hooked. Instead, the minute they touched her tongue, she simply refused to bring it back into her mouth. She sat there, like a dog on Las Vegas asphalt, with a mossy green puree hanging out of her mouth, drool and peas flowing freely down her chin. And to add insult to injury, she began taking loud rasping breaths, as though she were trying to feign anaphylaxis to get out of swallowing. It's times like this that I think her easygoing personality belies a stubborn streak to rival even her elder sister's.

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