Tuesday, September 2, 2008

8 reasons for 8 years

Today is our anniversary. We got married two weeks after we graduated from P.A. school in 2000. Then we spent a blessed two weeks in Cancun in my in-laws time share (fantastic wedding gift) and got chubby from eating 72 avocados a day and reading under the umbrellas. I am so grateful to God for my husband. Here are eight reasons why:

1. He loves me even though I am a lemon. One year into our marriage, he was dealt the hand of a wife with sudden renal failure and four surgeries and a lot of debilitating pain. He cheerfully tended me and brought me lots of cherry popsicles.
2. He held me and cried with me on our bed when we lost our first baby. He felt the pain, too.
3. He gets up with the children in the middle of the night. Frankie doesn't even bother calling for Mommy. He understands that I need eight hours to feel human and he never begrudges me a nap.
4. He always smells good and he never breaks a sweat- even when I have a full mustache of droplets blossoming on my top lip, he is fresh as a daisy.
5. I catch him reading his Bible.
6. His handwriting looks EXACTLY like you'd expect Great-Aunt Lillian's to look.
7. He calls home from twelve hour days at work and tells me, "You better not be making dinner or cleaning. You work twice as hard as I do. You sit down and relax or I am going to be really angry with you."
8. He claims to find all other women unattractive, feigning vomiting when I ask him what he thinks of a nurse at work.


Molly said...

who is the tan blond he's with in that photo?

SDK said...

I realized that is practically the last photo we had together before children came. Then come lots of Frankie photos. I am the fat-faced tan blonde who is nine months pregnant in that photo.

Molly said...

turns out i'm not the only one with a natural shoe face. you look good with a little puffiness, don't you think?