Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I know I will miss this, but please let me concentrate on not throwing up

I was so sick today throwing up. There is nothing worse than nausea, especially when it is nausea and vomiting for no good reason. 

The girls spent the day at the neighbor's house since we didn't have school because of the Great Chill. Susannah spent the whole day next to me, happily keeping up a running commentary. I literally typed this verbatim and it was rapid and WITHOUT ONE BREATH except as I opened the package and she took a deep delighted breath.

Me:  Mmm. Hmm.

Susannah: "Hey, Mom, pretend this is a chair and this is my bed. Why do I have to be in this bed? It is not so comfy? I have to use a flashlight to go to my bed? See that little light there? That is my flashlight? Isn't that such a good idea? It is cool. Uggggh. Now I can't sleep with my flash light. We are playing a game, pretend I said to my mom, I just can't play with my flashlight, and pretend I am your kid and you are my mom. And I said to my dad, Dad, no wait, this is a game where someone got my flashlight on and I said to my Dad, someone got my flashlight on. I think my mom did it. No like that. Don't lay on the side like that. I lay here. OOH! I saw the mailman run. There is a package! Ooh, Mom, what do you think it is? Oh, Mom, lets open it. It's a blanket! Look at your new blanket! I love it because it is cold! I love cold blankets! Oh, Mom, look at Gage. Gage, you are such a good cat. You are my cat forever and ever until you DIE! Oh, Mom, look at Gagie, he is thirsty. I will get him water. Watch me jump on this blanket. FLAPPYBOOM! Pretend you teached me that, Mom. Pretend you are a really good teacher. Hey, Mom, can I have some of that really good cereal that Dad buys at the grocery store that is different from the other cereal that he buys the other day? Mom. Mom. Stay awake, Mom. Hey, Mom, you let the DOGS OUT!"


Molly said...

Oh, that is hilarious on so many levels. Mostly I want to know who is sending you a blanket?

Catherine Mullen said...

I check in every once in a while to see how the Kendzeria family is doing. I love this!
Xo Catee