Sunday, July 21, 2013

You pour out your pearls before swine

Me:  Girls, I just really think it is selfish of Frankie to turn eight. Right, Frank, you with me on this? I mean who wants to be eight. What can you do at eight that you couldn't do at seven. Plus being seven again will be so much easier the second time around. Are you following me, people?

Frankie:  No, mom, I'm sorry but I want to be seventeen. I can stay seventeen but I want to be a teenager.

Me: Molly, you love me, will you stay five?

Molly: Mom, I will stay six. I will do that for you. Wait, no I think, um, eight. No, sixteen. I definitely want sixteen.

Me: Sukie, you want to stay 2 right?

Sukie: Nope.

Me: How old then?

Sukie: (a big fat smile) ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE!!!!


Molly said...
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Molly said...

Love each of those chuckleheads. Kiss them for me.