Monday, June 17, 2013

Another blog put your childhoods, girls, in one sentence that stabbed me through the heart.

"Please don't go."

Please don't go, girls. I love and cherish each new incarnation of your personalities. I wouldn't trade you at seven for who you were at five, but please, please, leave me with each of them. I would keep a hundred versions of each of you. I would study a million spelling words, pull the wagon thousands of miles, cut pounds of strawberries and rock you for days.

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Sarah Bishop said...

How my pregnant self can read 5 sentences of your blog entry at 4:25 a.m. and be hysterically sobbing is beyond me. Actually this entry is the very heartbeat of my being. I feel every word of this more than I've ever felt anything in my life. Stay with me, babies, forever.

P.S. Can't imagine the blog entry that you read that triggered you. And I'm sure I couldn't read it if I tried.