Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Susannah is busy "napping," which consists of yelling "I WANT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" followed by singing "I'm happy, so very happy! I've got the love of Jesus in my heart" in a deep growling guttural voice punctuated by either long burps or roars. I can't really tell.

I was so hoping that she would sleep and Molly would go to Oma and Opa's house for a while. No such luck! Molly has been having separation anxiety like crazy, even when going to her grandparents house to play. It drives me crazy, since it's not as though I am handing her off to be tortured with sharpened butcher knives, she gets to play on the iPad and eat gummy bears. Speaking of butcher knives, Frankie managed to stab herself in the chest with one. I had a cutting board on the counter with a knife lying on it that I had used to cut apples. It was beneath the cabinet where we keep myriad treats and I had yelled downstairs that indeed she and Molly could have one, while I was putting Susannah down for a nap. They take every advantage when I just want them to be quiet while I read three books, sing My Little Sunshine and arrange four tiny dolls, two purses, four play phones, three stuffed animals and four "cozy blankets." Susannah arranges all of them while she is sitting up and then when she lays down and they all become crooked she yells "AW, YOU METHED ME UP!!!".  I digress. So while Frankie was standing on the counter, she somehow slipped off and landed on the butcher knife which stabbed her in the left side of her rib cage. We decided against stitches for two reasons. One, Frankie was screaming that she would rather have any sized scar than possibly go in for stitches and two, I thought perhaps they would call Child Protective Services since the story was too bizarre to be true. Yes, officer, that stab wound beneath her heart was caused by her falling and landing on a butcher knife BLADE SIDE UP.

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