Saturday, October 6, 2012

So they do know their manners, after all

Me:  "Elliott, the girls need to eat their dinner and start behaving a little better before they can come out to play."

Elliott:  "Oh, okay."

Molly and Elliott convene just outside the door where I can hear their frantic whispers.

Elliott:  "Molly. Make sure you say 'Can you please pass this to me?' during dinner, OK?"

Molly:  "OK! Yeah! I will say 'May I please have the spray butter?', too"

Elliott: "YES! And don't fight with Frankie. That's a good idea, right?"

Molly: "Sure! And I'll say 'Thank you for dinner and may I please be excused'!"

Elliott: YES! YES!

1 comment:

susanswenton said...

so adorable. I love those two knuckleheads.