Monday, October 1, 2012

I was really irritated yesterday when I came across two Strawberry Shortcake Dolls who had been viciously beheaded. Frankie will only claim responsibility for one act of terror and claims it was an accident, Molly claims she did not decapitate anyone. In any case, I have two headless doll that, despite having no mouths, are verbally abusing me with statements about ungrateful children, ineffectual parenting, the whole experiment going horribly awry. But then I heard Molly on the couch with the headless figures:

"Oh, dear I just realized I have no head! What will I do! I am just a body, I can't see or hear!"
"Oh, here is a friend! And she has no head either! This is wonderful!"
"Oh, friend, you can use my body to be your head; look your underpants can be my eyes and your legs can be my long ears! Wasn't this lucky, friend."

Redemption can come in size large or small.


susanswenton said...

Hysterical. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons, I'd say this is it.

I believe you and old Molly did your fair share of Barbie decapitations. I still find bald heads.

Sarah Bishop said...

Fantastic story.

(Welcome back to the blogosphere. My blog has turned into more of a photoblog and videoblog of sorts...but i'm enjoying doing it. it's a great distraction from the filthy house all around me.)

Molly said...

She's such an interesting little kid. I can exactly picture her carrying on this monologue. How's Princess Celesta?