Friday, June 8, 2012

Very alarming

In the car:

Frankie:  Dad, if you were stung by a hundred thousand bees what would happen to you?

Dean:  Well, I'd probably die.

Molly:  Dad, if you died, I'd find 199 bees to sting me so I could kill myself.


Janice said...

That makes me laugh. And cringe. How are we supposed to know how to respond to things like that? Impossible to give a response that is both coherent and age appropriate. And laughing maniacally, which is what I usually resort to, seems somehow wrong.

susanswenton said...

Why couldn't he just say, he'd be very, very uncomfortable.

Molly said...

Quite funny, though indeed disturbing. Would have loved to hear her say it in her little Molly Jo accent.