Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter is here

7 p.m., Sukie walks in snow for the first time

7:30, p.m., When shoveling doesn't work out for her, she uses her walker

 8 p.m., I find Molly, as usual, in the tree outside the front door

 6 a.m., Waking up early to a world made new

 6: 45 a.m., Molly's tree in the morning

 6: 50 a.m., Looking out the back door

7:15 a.m., Frankie tackles shoveling the driveway

7:30 a.m., Worn out and ready for breakfast

11 a.m., Sukie gets her first sled ride through a sunny wonderland


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

oh I wish we had some snow here. It just keeps raining. It's odd.

Love Molly in the tree.

Molly said...

Poor Frankie. First you make her shovel the driveway and then you have her hauling that 56 pound sack of fatness on a sled. She must be wiped.

lrwn said...

Sheesh. Compared to Jack, Sukie is a feather. Lest I mention that he boasted a whopping 21 lbs at his 6-month check-up.