Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love texts

We've all heard of texting gone horribly awry. But since I've gotten an iPhone, Frankie has taken up texting her dad when he is at work. This morning, they had the following conversation:

Frankie: "Dad I love you dad and Frankie [ed. note: when she really loves someone she says "X and Frankie. Together."] dad I am ritinge a tekst wen you are at wrk not yesterday but the day be for yesterday I loved my porty love Frankie."

Dad:  "I am glad you loved your pizza party. I am happy you are home for the summer. I am off in 2 days and will make you roll up pancakes. I stopped to get gas in my car. Then I will be at work. I love you and Mommy and Molly and Susannah. Daddy and Frankie. Love, Daddy"

Frankie:  "Dad I love you dad and Frankie and molly Molly wons to saey sumthing to you she ses I love daddy I love you most of you she ses love Frankie and Molly"

Daddy:  "Thank you, girls. I have to go into the hospital now. I love you all. Love, Daddy"

Frankie:  "Dad I love your tekst thank you you are goinge to make pankakse I love you and god Daddy and Frankie love Frankie"

Now that's how you use the iPhone, Congressman Weiner.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...


Carley (and Ed!) said...

Ha! Good one! Sadly, I will no longer be using an iPhone since Sam threw mine in the toilet while Jake was relieving himself. Yes, it is kaput and Ed has no more retired iPhones to pass down to me.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is. Yes it is.

Molly said...

that is one precious conversation. wow. I love the "Dad and Frankie". He's a sweet dad.