Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ten things that make me very very happy

1. The letters that I receive all over the house. Translated for your ease of reading: Mom, I love you. Do you go to work tomorrow because I heard you talking. Do you work or n....
on the other page I kind of ran out of room because the page was too short. On the page that I am on right now I kind of messed up again on the first line I made my 'J'....
backwards, Mom. On the other page I ran out of room so I put it on this page and I messed up on the 'J' and on this page, Mom. On the other page, I ran out of room to write. Mom, I love you. Mom, I love you again.

2. This face.

3. A Mother's Day picture where everyone is looking at the camera. Not necessarily the same camera. But a camera. Our first good shot as a family of five. And it only took six months to get here.

3. Looking through the garden for volunteers. Any time I see a little plant coming back from last year, I greet them with great enthusiasm and say "Hail fellow well met, I thank you kindly for considering our premises so to your liking that you decided against your little inborn annual seed death command to grace us with your presence once more." So to those Swiss Chard, broccoli and carrots who have re-planted themselves. I say "well done and thank you for returning to our happy abode."

4. The fact that humidity is entering the air and thus humidity is entering the hair. Molly ends each day with a wild mane of blond sweaty ringlets, twigs and other nature sundries twisted in the curls and a beard of dirt off-setting her delightfully puffy lips that beg to be kissed over and over and over again.

5. Rhubarb is unfurling.

6. My shellac manicure has lasted eleven days and counting so that I can admire my short fire engine red nails as I type and text, garden and do the dishes without a chip. It is all part of my new strategy to cause diversion of the eyes to those things that are not encased in baby weight.

7. Edamame. Slightly salted.

9. Embarking on home schooling with a science class with my friend Carley. I call a unit on earthworms a success when only one pupil manages to lose one down their shirtsleeve.

10. A working hot tub. After five long years, numerous replaced, repaired, repiped, retaped, readjusted and reconfigured items, that bubbly bit of relaxation is ours for the taking. Day or night, baby. And, yes, it is usually day, with small children in their underpants, but still, day or night, baby.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

That letter is priceless! i love it!

Molly said...

I absolutely love those notes from Frankie. That could not be any sweeter. And I got a hardy chuckle out of your gardening one...especially that you feel the need to lapse into King James English with your plants. Just like Grandpa Henry when he prays.

Carley (and Ed!) said...

yay! i'm very very happy that the thought of science with our 4 "big" kids makes you very very happy. something tells me this may not always be the case, but as long as one of us is feeling this way, we'll drag the other toward happiness and enthusiasm!