Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life continues to happen and it seems like things swirl around me so fast I can't possibly grab a hold of any one of them long enough to put it into words. People you love more than life itself get sick, and babies you haven't met get bad news, and friends face heartbreaks and heartaches. For now I've got a husband who leaves me a cold can of pop every morning and three little girls whose faces are so dear to me it almost hurts to look at them, but this life is so temporary, so fleeting. It's nothing to count on or store up your treasures in. So I turn my face toward Jesus, precious Jesus, the only steady Rock: unchanging, unmoving, the solid and reliable lover of my soul in whose hands I can place all that I love and find it safer than when I'm trying to clutch it in mine.


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rhenry said...

A friend left me a note last week. It read: "For THIS I have Jesus."

For that gift I am thankful. When all else is lost, I still have my Jesus.

susanswenton said...

Please, please, post something. If I see that scream heading again I will throttle myself.