Friday, October 29, 2010

For Aunt Molly

Three days before Frankie was born.

Two weeks before Molly was born.

Three, two, one weeks before Baby X. That mean expression I have? It pretty much reflects my comfort level.


Whimsy-ma-blog said...

Oh, I hope she comes soon! And the same with her name. You named my butt Margaret once. That's a cute name. Cuter than my tush deserves.

And your "huge" looks remarkably small. I'm not posting pictures if I ever end up in your condition again.

Molly said...

oh my, that belly is indeed large. but you look really good. i love the new hair. you look just like you're smelling a dirty diaper though. when are you going to change your blog to "Nine Xs and a Y"?

susanswenton said...

speaking of x's and y's. I like that Sarah Palin has a bumper sticker on her car that reads:
"My kid has more chromosomes than yours."

hmell75 said...

Look at you!! Beautiful!! :) It's really amazing how different this one looks, and wonderful that you have those photos to compare - I'll bet the girls LOVE them some day. :)
Hang in there!!

Carley (and Ed!) said...

You WERE small with Molly! And very pointy with Frankie! And large as a barge now. KIDDING! You look beautiful - love the sassy 'do.

Teresa said...

You are lovely as can be, notwithstanding the la femme Nikita look in your eye. :)