Sunday, July 11, 2010

Aah, now this is summer

We spent a beautiful, hot, lazy day with our generous and wonderful friends Ed and Carley at Carley's parents house on the lake. Our day was filled with kayaks, pontoon boats, water skiing, swimming, large amounts of food and blazing sunshine. It also included a game of Mother May I in which one of the participants, and I am not going to name names except to say that her nickname is Lion King, broke free and began running with abandon and without permission round and round the trampoline, much to the "Mother"'s dismay.

Molly Jo entertaining the world's most easygoing and handsome baby, Sammy. At least this time she is offering him a toy and not putting a pushpin in his cheek. Not that she would ever do that.

Ed, captain of the speed boat, buyer of pizza, eliminator of nausea.

Dean, looking grumpy to be caught, as usual, with his hand in a snack bag. I'm only surprised there is not a spicy meat stick in his other hand.

My mom, expertly navigating the dangerous waters.

Jake, Claudia and Frankie waiting for everyone to get organized and get on the boat.

Mom and Dad, beatific.

Sylvester, after her fourth cupcake. That's what aunts and grandmothers are for.

My sister lamented that she had a hard time protecting her face from the sun because, really, you can't wear a visor around. Oh, but Molly, this, my friend, is how a visor is done.

Catching a glimpse of a big fish.

The pink-hatted person is poor Jude, who spent most of the afternoon napping and the rest of the afternoon being outfitted in drag by his mother.

Dean tries to cram in all the fun and all the people he can.

Carley, who looks so good for having a four-month-old baby that I have vowed in the future to only befriend short chubby people whose bodies actually bear evidence of child-bearing.

Trouble with a capital "T." I have to relate this, though it didn't happen this day, because it pretty much sums up JoJo. She, Jake, Claudia and Frankie watched a little golf cart parade in which a variety of candy was thrown that they each collected. As the other kids dutifully negotiated how many pieces they were allowed, Molly quietly took her bag to another corner of the yard where I heard her, hand deep in saltwater taffy and Dum Dum suckers, say quietly to herself, "'Nother piece. No people round."

Matt keeping the paralyzing injuries at bay.

Jude, the world's most misanthropic baby, made an appearance after a four-hour nap to hold this cupcake for about 45 minutes and scowl at me and the humankind that I represent.

Sammy: Portable, smiley, good napper, chunky. Baby #3, take good notes.

This never fails to crack me up. It's like she went from 4 to 47 as soon as she sat down.


Pam said...

It looks like everyone had a blast! Except for the one scowling little boy!

Carley (and Ed!) said...

I love it! We HAVE had some fabulous days, eh?

R. Henry said...

How can Jude be so endearing and so sullen at the same time? It's as if he's taunting me with those scowls, "You can love me, but you can't have me." It kills me.

Crystal said...

What fun!!! I hope you continue to enjoy long summer days filled with refined sugar and loads of sun screen : )