Thursday, May 27, 2010

MJ, terror of West Michigan

I love these pictures of Molly (and Frankie, ones focused on you will be forthcoming, love), especially because Molly looks just like a Cabbage Patch Kid in the second one. When she is asked to smile, there are a variety of strange expressions that emerge. This one is one of the first without the raised shoulders that normally accompany her camera-ready smile.

Molly, in the last few days you have:

1) Carefully spread peanut butter all over a dish towel yesterday morning.

2) Colored the brand-new bathroom tile grout with a blue crayon.

3) Given yourself a forehead welt on the edge of a patio chair, fallen head over heels down the inside stairs, slipped on the patio and given yourself welts on your butt, and put your finger under a moving wagon wheel.

4) Pooped on the bedroom floor while yelling "NEED DIAPER!!."

5) Poured a whole glass of milk on the family room ottoman.

6) Appeared in the back yard while supposed to be napping.

7) Eaten 7 cheese sticks in a row and then asked for Cheetos.

I love you despite things and maybe, just a little bit, because of them.


susanswenton said...

call Jack Bauer.

Crystal said...

She is such a sweetie pie! I assume she is still accident prone : ) I love the yelling of "Need Diaper!" I sure miss seeing those sweet girls. They are getting way to old too quickly. Sask, do you remeber nursing together in the Nursery at church? Those are some good memories for me. Love you and yours~

Molly said...

It's really a good thing she's so darn cute.