Sunday, April 18, 2010

BSF had an awesome Home Training lesson a few weeks ago about how to pray for your children. There was a list of 12 things that they suggested you pray for your children regularly and it has been so helpful to me. It is interesting to me that the happiness of my child does not appear on the list. Nor does her comfort or her pleasure or her financial security. Of course, I would love for my child to be happy, but I know that if she is a follower of Christ that trouble will come her way. No, what I want most is for my child to be holy. Happiness does not always find holy people. But holy people find life in Christ and that is what I want for my little girls.


Crystal said...

AMEN!! Happiness can be very deceiving, but Joy in Christ is there in spite of the circumstances! I pray for my children to glorify Him, remain in His will and have a joy that is evident to all~ Love you~

susanswenton said...

Can anything be sweeter for a mother to read than your post. Well, maybe your post and that you bought me something.