Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where I've been

This week has been a whirlwind of socializing and starting the BSF under-two program. We had dinner with friends Saturday and then had friends over for dinner on Sunday and then I have lost the last three days of my life to making wee name tags, training new leaders, and securing enough sippy cups and cheese crackers to keep six toddlers happy. Turns out that if you keep their mouths full, they can't chew and cry for their mothers at the same time!

It was JoJo's first day of BSF, too. She did a lot of weeping, but only when she saw me. The minute I step away she turns off the waterworks and gets down to the business of riding large plastic alligators. She was in a classroom with five other toddlers, all between sixteen and 23 months. Trying to get all of them to sit in a semi-circle to listen to a story, I thought, would be a study in futility, but they actually listened. I even asked Molly on the way home who the Good Shepherd was, and she answered, unprompted, "Jeez." Now it could have been she was saying cheese, but for once, totally against my character, I am going to embrace optimism and conclude that she was saying "Jesus." Ordinarily I would take this as proof of her intellectual acuity, but I am still toying with the idea that she has some grave mental deficiency because of her total inability to learn that we don't write on surfaces other than paper. I ask you, who with a normal IQ thinks to write on a fish tank?

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susanswenton said...

One who would write on a cat.