Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Uncooperative subject

Despite the promise of not one, but two, suckers if she cooperated with our Christmas card photo shoot, this shot was one of the best of the bunch. It was like the lens was a hot poker in her eyeballs.


Crystal said...

I am glad it is not only my children who can be uncooperative in family photo shoots. We have had to open packets of sugar for Hope in restaurants now in order for her to sit through the whole meal. Are you going to try the photo shoot again? I hope it works out!!!

Molly said...

are you going for a bundled up look that gives the illusion of a winter sports-loving family? you should borrow my puffy jacket and hold some skis in one hand. seriously molly's hair got super long and is increasingly puffy. better puffy than flat, as we doctor women say. (sorry, franks & cici).

Sarah Bishop said...

well, on the bright side, it looks like her four top teeth are growing in very straight and white.