Saturday, November 28, 2009


Well, we have safely arrived, thanks be to God, back from our week in North Carolina, and it is good to be home. Though we had a good time, I am glad not to be sleeping in the same room as JoJo, since I would awaken to find that she had crawled out of the Pack-N-Play and was sitting upright next to me, fuzzy curled, asking frantically for "MIL-T! MIL-T!."

Molly is quite proud of herself for adding endings to her words, but instead of "k" she adds "t" to everything. So in addition to asking for "milt," she also wants to read a "boot" before bed. She also loves to chew "dum" instead of gum.
Molly: "MAMA! DUM! DUM!"
Me: "Please don't call me dumb."
Molly (getting right in my face and enunciating slowly): "DUM"

The flights to North Carolina were long and delayed on the way there, but blessedly on time and relatively manageable on the way home. When we first arrived at the airport and my brother-in-law Chris picked us up, Molly had been up for fourteen hours without a nap and she was at her wits end, disobedient and rolling around on the airport floor pretending to be a "woof" and going completely limp when you tried to guide her in the right direction. In the car she started screaming at the top of her lungs and wouldn't quit. Frankie was trying to talk to my mom on the cell phone, to tell her we had arrived safely, but given the racket she very calmly announced "I can't hear you, Oma. Sorry. I'll have to call you back when Molly's done screaming. Goodbye."

I would love to relate more about our trip, but while I was blissfully and ignorantly typing this, I heard Molly practicing spelling her name "M- O- Y- E!!" but failed to realize she was actually practicing writing it in black marker on the wall. Time to go discipline someone who will refuse to look me in the eye and will smile happily all the while I berate her.


Molly said...

I love that Jo Jo. She has all of my best qualities.

hmell75 said...

*laughing at Molly*
Yow - sounds like quite the trip! We had some similar delays on the way home from Florida on Friday, and I can't imagine what it would be like trying to keep track of more than one child in a busy airport - let alone an incredibly overtired, done-with-traveling child. :p
Glad you had a nice visit, though!

Crystal said...

I can feel your pain as far as having a toddler in your bedroom! I am so ready for Hope once again to be on her own. It will be close to three months by the time it is done. How did pioneer women do it such confined, close spaces!!! Thank God for large homes and many bedrroms.

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!

Analese Forster said...

That 'dum' scene made me laugh out loud. :)