Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I don't think there is a worse sound in the universe than the sound of your overtired baby wailing plaintively "MAAAAMAAAA" from the confines of her crib. Maybe the sound of puppies being burned alive, I don't know. But I doubt it.

Molly has been having a hard time getting to sleep lately and wants nothing more than Mama to stay with her all hours of the night. Last night, the only way she was pacified was to sleep with Dean in the guest bedroom. He seems not to mind the fact that she sits up every hour or so and gently rubs his beard to try to wake him up.

I wish I knew the secret of co-sleeping. The hippy-dippy mother in me, the one that nurses past two and buys organic grapes, hates the idea of banishing my baby to the corner of her own room, door closed, crib bars looming. But the realistic mother in me knows that I can barely stand having Dean in my bed, let alone writhing toddlers. I've never figured out how people do it. And do you have to go to bed when the baby does? The mere thought of never having a moment alone strikes terror into the deepest corner of my psyche.

But right now, Molly is entering the fourth hour of a nap. A nap which she went to willingly, without the piercing shrieks that have punctuated her bedtime routine lately. Perhaps it was the corn dog she had for lunch?


Crystal said...

HA!!! I can't co-sleep either. Hope has been sleeping in our room since we moved to Arlington. YUCK! Don't get me wrong I love that girl, but she wakes up to nurse now all the time. I think she knows the milk and comfort are always close by, so might as well take advantage of that.

I need my sleep, I can't wait to get to Kuwait! Boy, those are words I never thought I would utter in my life. I miss you~

Analese Forster said...

I feel your pain deeply, and relate fully to the need to sleep without my 12 hour a day partner by my side. Sydney has always been a great sleeper. But lately the actual act of falling asleep can take FOREVER. Last night @ 10:30 (when we were on our way to bed), I did my usual blanket check, and there was my little angel...Naked as a jaybird, sitting up, whispering "cracker" and then laughing deliriously. I re-dressed her, and when Steve checked on her 20 mins. later she was out cold. This is the second time in a week I've witnessed this...Fun!

susanswenton said...

could really, really have done without the burning puppies image.

Sarah Bishop said...

"...i can barely stand having dean in my bed let alone writhing toddlers..." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i so hear that.

this is the only site on the world wide web that invokes belly laughs from me on a regular basis. if you ever need sponsors at any time, let me know. i'll put you into the family budget right behind tithes.