Friday, November 13, 2009

Homeschool 101

So these are some homeschool images that pretty much typify how things go. First, if I organize a nice crafty idea, like making trees and gluing on the leaves, I envision that it will take at least a half hour of nice concentrated time, during which I will wash dishes with an apron on, season a pot roast, and prepare tea cakes for when the neighborhood coffee klatch comes over. In reality, the whole thing is over with in about thirty seconds, leaving construction paper leaves littering the hardwood in piles I am tempted to bring out to the trailer to be taken to the dump, and Molly is doing things with glue sticks that I know may be fostering an illegal habit in the future.


Crystal said...

I hope Molly's nares is still patent, how is she supposed to pick it if she glues it shut on accident? Her hair is getting so long!

I too have had those dreams that I will be very productive while they have a quiet craft time, HA! I laughed out loud at your description, I miss you : )

Molly said...

To Frankie's credit, she seems earnestly to be gluing. It's that wild fuzzy-haired interloper who is derailing craft time.