Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here's Super Girl and the ubiquitous Old Navy Chicken. The best part of Super Girl was that I only had to come up with the crest on her chest, the rest is on loan. Awesome.

Molly pretty much thought that she'd found Nirvana with the number of suckers she scored. I did notice that she had at least fifty percent more candy than Frankie did. The tinier you are as a Trick or Treater, the bigger your haul.

Frankie was so proud of her costume and I liked the fact that I stuffed her down jacket under it and it looked like ripped musculature.

Never content with just one, Molly had at least four suckers unwrapped at a time, most of which I found gelatinized and stuck to various pieces of furniture. Some of them upholstered.

As you can see from her makeup, it was a hard night's work.


susanswenton said...

Those gnomes are so cute. I just love those little tricksters.

Crystal said...

I love the super girl costume!!! Poor second daughter, Molly. She is forced into the Old Navy chicken most likely used by her sister. I believe Miss Molly whispered to me this summer she wanted to go as Evil Knievel, I guess the chiken was a safer choice : )

I miss those cutie pies, tell them Mrs. B and THe Bunch said "Hi".

Molly said...

I was quite taken by Frankie's new beefcakeness. They both look stinking adorable. And Frankie suddenly looks so old in that outfit.

hmell75 said...

So cute!! Frankie's pigtails are the best and Molly's face is priceless in that first shot - "Really? Another hand-me-down? Just gimme a stinkin' sucker and I'll forgive you..." :)