Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Sis

(Frankie does not have a black eye, my camera is doing some funky thing with shadows and I don't know how to fix it. Suggestions?)

Frankie: Molly, do you want some of my fruit, little honey? Mom said I could help myself to the fruit whenever I want to, Molly. I will share with you, Molly. Mom, I'm going to give Molly some fruit you said I could help myself whenever I wanted to, OK? OK, Mom?

Molly: EH-HUH!

Frankie: Molly, do you want to try some of my special cinnamon yogurt, little sweetheart?

Molly: YEAH!!

Frankie: I'm going to get Molly a bowl for some yogurt, Mom! I'm going to share my yogurt with her, OK, Mom? Here you go, honey, you're going to like this.

Molly: NO.

Frankie: You don't like it, Molly? You want some orange juice, little honey? I'm going to get Molly some orange juice, OK, Mom? I'm going to get Molly a plate, too, OK, Mom? The bowl didn't work out too well, OK, Mom? Can you say "orange juice", little sweetheart? I'm going to get you some orange juice. OK, Mom?

I was wondering what I would find when I came into the kitchen, considering that pouring orange juice and yogurt in plates and bowls was going on, but I didn't want to interrupt her since she was clearly so incredibly proud of her caretaking skills. When I went in the kitchen, as the photo above reveals, I found perfectly poured juice, yogurt confined to a plate, and Frankie busily unwrapping a cheese stick and shredding some sliced turkey for Molly. I told her since she clearly had things totally under control around here, well, I was off to take a nap and would she please call me when she had my dinner ready?


Molly said...

beyond adorable.

susanswenton said...

she looks so proud.

hmell75 said...

That's just wonderful!
Does she wash floors, too? ;)