Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm coming back.....soon

My sister and her family have been here for a week and lets just say that with four kids that are four and under, there isn't a great deal of blogging time to be found.

Frankie has been delighted to have Sylvie around and for the most part, they have been reveling in each other's company. It is a dream come true to be attending to the little kids upstairs and hear Sylvie and Frankie play by themselves down in the basement with NO PARENTAL INPUT. That's right, folks, no having to pretend a horse is knocking on the front door of the dollhouse. For about an hour and a half today they pretended that they were catching the bus to go to school. They took turns driving and being picked up and there was only one time that Frankie came and said "Sylvie scratched me all over my face." She was quite matter of fact and didn't seem the least bit indignant, so one could only assume that she rather deserved it.

Sadly, all good things come to an end. They are all flying home tomorrow and I am feeling very bereft.

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Crystal said...

I was so glad to chat with you today! I am glad you enjoyed Molly's visit. I miss our Monday playdates : ) Blessings to you all~