Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frances Paulina Kendziera, age 4

To Frankie, on the occasion of your fourth birthday:

It doesn't seem possible that you've been in the world only four years. You are so precious to me it seems inconceivable that there was a time that you existed only in the mind of your Creator.

I am so thankful to be your mother. I count it a privilege like no other to be the one God chose to nurture you and raise you to be a woman who loves Him. Your dad and I already see many wonderful things in your character that we hope to cultivate so that you can be used greatly by the Lord.

You are a brave little girl. Monsters and growling dogs, loud noises and scary books, none of them intimidate you. I hope your bravery grows so that you are not afraid of anything that might stand in the way of you following the Lord.

You are also a scrupulously honest little girl. I am so proud that your sense of right and wrong is already so honed that you are uncomfortable with even the slightest untruth. I am praying that you will cling to the Truth all of your life and not worry about the praise of men, but only about the praise of God.

You are kind and thoughtful. You think of others before yourself ("Here, Oma, I saved you the orange gummy bears!"). Your little heart is tender and easily pricked. You are quick to repentance and quick to apologize. You are smart and curious and delightful and beautiful. You are everything I've hoped for.

If I had a million four-year-old girls to choose from, I'd walk down the line until I found you. I love you more and more every day.



susanswenton said...

Yes. Yes. And again yes.

hmell75 said...

I've been trying to compose a letter like this to my little Jane (after being inspired by your letter to Molly), and I can't seem to stop crying long enough to admit that she's 1. I can only imagine it gets more difficult AND wonderful as the years go by, and Frankie certainly seems to give you a run for your money. :) She's a very fortunate little girl. :)
And a belated Happy Birthday to you!

susanswenton said...

I've seen little Jane and she is a doll.

Bring her to see me soon. I don't suppose Tina will let her out of her grasp, though.

Crystal said...

So sweet!!! Happy Birthday to Frankie, she is blessed to have you for a Mommy : )