Saturday, September 5, 2009

Countdown to Frankie's Fourth Birthday: 15 days

I love this picture. I am so enormous and my face is as full of retained fluid as my heart was full of joyous anticipation.

And then she was here, in all her propped up, bald-headed, official business-looking delectableness.

Aaah, the Ambi bed. A three hundred dollar purchase of desperation because nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, would induce this child to sleep. It looks like a giant banana hook and then this sling thing dangles from it. Allegedly when the baby fusses and moves, it begins to rock gently and lull them back to sleep. ALLEGEDLY.


susanswenton said...

Carpe Diem, eh, Suusk?

Crystal said...

You look great that pregnant! That is not suprising to me at all : ) A bog four year old , Frankie, wow! She is a sweetheart, I sure love her and you too, Saskia. What will do without you? Your Bosom friend~CB

Crystal said...
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