Friday, September 11, 2009

Countdown to Frankie's Fourth Birthday: 9 days

It's my blog so I can brag if I want to, and I think that is just about the cutest face ever. Look how sparse and adorable her hair pattern is and her little ears that my friend Stacy once cruelly said "look just like an open car door." For the record Stacy, if you are reading this, her ears lie quite nicely against her head now. SO THERE.

Speaking of cruel, I think we win over Stacy on this one since we subjected her willingly to this get-up. At least her ears she was born with and Stacy was just commenting frankly on them.

There are exactly eight million five hundred and twelve toddlers who wore this exact costume, but can guarantee none looked quite as delectable. Seriously, I can give you a written guarantee.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. We were visiting the John Ball Zoo and my dad was in charge of her in the petting zoo. His babysitting skills were called into question when I was later removing thick black goat hairs from her mouth.

Again, one of my very favorite pictures of all time. These two look so much alike and the pair of them studying traffic outside the front window just kills me, especially since I know the love affair that keeps on blossoming between them.

This picture just cracks me up because her shoulders look all slumped and her arms are hanging down as though the weight of the world is on her shoulders as she stares at the bounty.

Christmas Eve beauty. I just can't get over how much I love her bald patchy hair and those big brown eyes.

This picture broke my heart because she was watching her friend Andrew, who is six months older, and who was walking and basically turning cartwheels while she just sat there open mouthed and amazed, unable to do anything but sit upright without falling flat on her face. The innocence of her expression makes me want to wrap her in bubble wrap and put her safely in a closet until the Lord comes back.

I had to end it on a cheerful, nay, ecstatically cheesy pointy chinned note.


Molly said...

Oh my goodness that is painful to look at. It rips at my heart. She was and is such a precious little thing. Can't wait to see her. Love the velour Christmas outfit shot.

susanswenton said...

don't forget you wore the same dress (last picture)and I felt the same way about you as you approach your
4th, I mean 34th birthday. Once your baby always your baby. And that means you too Molly Rebekah, Infinity and all.