Saturday, August 8, 2009

An aside

Aldi's had their milk on sale for $1.00 this week. $1.00, people. At that price, I felt the pathological need to buy large quantities of it. I've been wanting to make fresh mozzarella but haven't gotten around to ordering the cultures you need yet. So my sister suggested I make ricotta.

Have I told you my sister is hugely intelligent?

Because she is. And she is something of a gourmet as well. Or a gourmand. I wish I knew the difference between the two.

In any case, she is brilliant, because thanks to her, Dean and I had pizza last night topped with mozzarella, dollops of fresh ricotta, thin slices of garlic, a chiffonade of basil and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden. Drizzled with olive oil.

It was heaven on a homemade crust.


Molly said...

this is the best post you've had yet, though i would have preferred more details about my intelligence.

Pam said...

Was it hard to do???

SDK said...

I replied on your original post :)