Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vacation (only a month late)

A lot of nude swimming was done on this vacation. Sorry, Christine, you might want to Lysol the pool.

Matt utilizing his Super Nanny discipline techniques. His other ace in the hole is to offer a spanking like you'd offer a boneless buffalo wing appetizer: "Sylvie, would you care for a spanking?"

This reminds me of my childhood. We were always required to strip down to our bare natural state before popsicles were consumed.

Trouble with a capital T.

"I most certainly will NOT eat that pea."

And mothers' hearts everywhere stop in horror for a brief moment.

Sylvie, wearing a very natural smile.

Wow, I can't even make a snarky comment about this one. It's just plain cute.

Molly's camera face.

New and Improved Molly abandons dipping her peas in ketchup and just dips her fingers in instead.

Jude looking ever so dapper in his terry cloth leisure shirt.

Supervising nude water play.

"What do you mean we can't play Wii golf again?"

This looks like a photo to accompany an article about the modern family and the dissolution of close family ties. No one is looking in the same direction.

Aw, sissies so happy together.

Forty years together and he still thinks everything she does is absolutely delightful.

She has a career in catalogs. So natural in front of the camera.

Hey! Holla!
Getting ready to pounce on someone with his little werewolf teeth.

The picture of pure childhood innocence. Capped off with a pair of golden crocs.

Classic JoJo expression of mild disgust mixed with irritation.

Happy cousins. And Sylvie isn't even trying to kick her down the stairs!

Pauline of the Jungle.

Here Matt is probably earnestly trying to convince Molly of the reasons they need a 92 inch TV.
The most handsome boy I know.

Wherein Molly Jo pokes the chicken's eyeball out with her middle finger.

"Can I sit with you, Aunt Molly? Can I hold your hand Aunt Molly? Can you read me a book, Aunt Molly?"


Analese Forster said...

Love the pictures, it is cool to see your family all together! Everyone looked so relaxed :)

Crystal said...

Great pictures!!!! I am glad to have peek into your vacation. You are your sister have the exact same bodies, except hair and eyes. You so much alike and both of you are GORGEOUS~

Molly said...

Oh snap, those are great.

leedekam said...

I feel like I went on vacation with you :). Great pictures and, as always, the best storyteller ever narrating. What a good thing to go with my coffee this morning!