Thursday, July 9, 2009

It appears that we are nurturing her self-esteem to excess

Me: "So Frankie, what kind of lessons do you think you might want to take? What are you interested in learning?"

Frankie: "Well, cooking lessons, because I'm a good chef, lessons to fly an airplane, and lessons to be a firefighter."

Me: "Unfortunately, they don't let little girls fly planes or fight fires. Would you like to learn to play the piano?"

Frankie: "I don't need those lessons, Mom. I already know how to play the piano."

Me: "Really?"

Frankie: "Yeah, when we get home I will play you some of the good songs I know. I don't need to learn anything else."

Me: "How about swimming lessons?"

Frankie: "I already took swimming lessons! [ed. note- she is under the impression that the one time she swam in my aunt Jan's pool seems to qualify for swimming lessons] I'm a great swimmer! I can walk through deep water! You should take me to the beach right now! I'll show you!"

Me: "No, but you could learn how to SWIM in deep water."

Frankie: (exasperated) "I already KNOW how to swim in deep water!"

Me: "Okay, how about soccer?"

Frankie: "I'm really good at soccer already."

Me: "Why have I never seen you play?"

Frankie: "My dad taught me. I already learned everything, Mom. I don't need to take lessons. You should watch me some time."

Me: "Okay, well, do you have any other ideas?"

Frankie: (thinking long and hard) "Well, maybe I could get a lesson about how to climb a tree."


susanswenton said...

This exchange is a riot and amused us greatly. We can totally picture this conversation with this cocky little miss.

Molly said...

hilarious. i love that fool.